Saturday, May 28, 2016

Trip with Parents, Part One:

So this is the first post about the trip I had with my parents back in April when they came over to New Zealand.  Sorry this is so late, kinda forgot about the blog.  XD

First off we went to the Auckland Zoo.  There we got to see Kiwi birds up close, and they are far larger than I thought they would be!  They reminded me of chickens with really weird beaks.  I don't have any good pictures of them because they are nocturnal and their exhibit was very dark.  There were tons of other animals around as well.

The next day in Auckland we went to an aquarium, where we got to see penguins and loads of marine life.  There was a really cool part where we got to stand right next to this huge sting ray, was really cool to see just how big they are.  After that we went to a place around an hour out from Auckland on the seacoast.  There we took a quick hike out into the forest to see an amazing waterfall.  After that my father and I climbed up a rock structure that was on the beach, called Lion's Rock.  Had a great view from about halfway up, as far as was permitted.

I'll cover more of the trip in the next post.  Breaking it up mainly because of the number of pictures I have, I don't want to upload too many on one post.  These aren't all of my picture, but don't want to overload the blog too much.  These are some of my best, enjoy!


  1. Hi Terry, Grandma here. Love the pictures! Couldn't figure out what the seal was until I enlarged the picture...lying on it's back like it wants you to tickle it's tummy. I believe it's a string-ray that looks like a gray blob ghost, right? It really is a looking at you guys!It's that picture above the turtle on the bottom of the green water.Love the little sea horse, just because I love any kind of horses; always thought they were such a neat creature the Lord had made! Both horses and sea horses! that first picture is a red panda, isn't it? They are so different from the black & white ones in size and tails. Was that a baby octopus? Those green things floating, are those jelly fish? That picture of the city looks like a picture postcard. Was that island mountain hard to climb...did you walk up it, or have to hold onto rocks & brushes to get up it? Great pictures with you all in them. I love the of my favorite types of water...reminds me of the Tarzan movies when he yell & dive off into the rivers over the waterfalls. That lavender colored picture with the fish reminds me of the one in "The Little Mermaid," probably my imagination, though. That one elephant was sort of rude, wasn't he? Scratching his butt in public:-) The bird that sort of looks like the body of an ostrich with lots of feathers, what kind is it? I was thinking something like an EU bird? Did they say how old that land turtle was? He looks like he/she could be a couple of hundred years old. What's that creature between the birds...a rat-mole or something? You know I always love seeing the Belgian tigers & their distinctive stripes. I'm so glad you and Shelly & Will got to spend time visiting all over New'll bring memories to remember through out your life. Glad when you're back home! God bless you and keep you ever safe in His arms! Love always, Grandma

  2. I can't believe I spelled your name wrong Terryn! Sorry, as I never call or even think of you s a "Terry". Ter-Bear or Terryn! Love again, Grandma