Saturday, February 13, 2016

Greetings from Christchurch!

Hello everyone!  I have successfully made my way to Christchurch in New Zealand!  The trip was pretty uneventful after the delay, and I've moved into my new flat.  My flight from Indy to Huston was in a tight plane, but a short flight (around 2 hours).  From there I stayed at the Houston airport for awhile, the airport was enormous and I got a little lost trying to find something to eat.

The flight to New Zealand itself was roughly 15 hours long, and was tiring.  During the flight I was able to watch some movies, however, which was nice.  We were also given some food on the plane, super and breakfast.  Both meals were good and helped pass the time on the flight.  We arrived in Auckland around 6 am.

From there I went through customs and made my way to the domestic flight terminal.  It was a short wait for an even shorter flight to Christchurch.  A taxi driver took me to my flat, which is located on the ground floor.  I had a bit of trouble setting up my internet, which is why this late.  I'll be posting some pictures of my room and campus soon.

Here's a set of pictures from my flights.

Flight to Houston

Skyway in Houston

Houston Airport

Houston Airport

View from plane, looking down on Houston

Bus stop in Auckland, waiting to head to the domestic terminal

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