Sunday, February 14, 2016

The Shaky City

Greetings everyone!  Christchurch was struck with a 5.7 earthquake today.  I was sitting at my desk when it occurred.  It was a very interesting experience, nothing in my room fell down and everything seems to be okay at the apartments. This was my first experience with earthquakes, and it was a big one.  Throughout the day there have been aftershocks, most of which you can't feel.  However I've felt a few of them while out and about.  Just about everything was evacuated, including my apartment building, and we were ushered around to the Foundry.  It seems, thankfully, to have not caused to much damage.  There was some damage closer to the center of the quake, which was out into the sea near Christchurch.  Now I know why Christchurch is called the shaky city.

Anyway, I have a lot of pictures of the campus to show off, keep in mind a lot of it is under construction because of the devastating quakes that struck five years ago (almost to the day).

Buildings/General Campus:

Pretty Scenery/Plant Life:

Interesting Wildlife:

My Room:


  1. Dearest grand-daughter, Great what kind of insect are those orange or red creatures climbing that tree?--they look to be at least 3" long. Looks like a lot of sunshine coming in your windows. An earthquake..I didn't realize they had those there, but, should have when St. Paul's Lutheran Church mentioned the damage from an EQ. I'll be sending you an email later. God bless & love always, Grandma

    1. The insects aren't too big, I just zoomed in a lot. They were around 1 inch I think.

      Christchurch gets tons of earthquakes, most of New Zealand does because its on the ring of fire (California is very close to this as well.).

      I look forwards to hearing from you!