Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Trip Delayed

Due to a delay for my first flight I am still in the United States instead of making my way to New Zealand.  However, while this delay has been stressful at the end of the day it's relaxing staying in a hotel room.  While I wish I was flying to New Zealand right now, it is enjoyable to have one last night in the United States until I spend just under five months in a different country.

I will make sure to update once I land in Christchurch, on the 12th of February(New Zealand time), expect a decent amount of plane pictures.


  1. Dearest Terryn, Was your plane delayed in Indy or Houston? I thought of you yesterday & you were in my prayers,but, by the time I was out of the shower, I forgot until last night again.
    God be with you & keep you ever safe in His care. Love always, Grandma

    1. I was delayed in Houston. But no worries, made it safe and sound to New Zealand.